3iSolutions was founded in 2003 and as one of the oldest International BPO Contact Centres in South Africa,  we take great pride as an experienced provider of tailored Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions. We specialise in lead generation and customer management solutions through the provision of performance-driven and cost-effective programs. We use our considerable industry experience to leverage off our award-winning, in-house technology to manage the diverse and complex business process requirements of our clients.

Headquartered in picturesque Cape Town, with its rich heritage and first-world infrastructure we are ideally placed to service the European and American markets. Our historical background also means our agents share similar values and lifestyle to people in most European and American cities. The popularity of Cape Town as leading international tourist destination means most of our customers chose us as they appreciate the cultural similarity and the environment they will be dealing with. Our ready access to foreign languages coupled with a world-class communications infrastructure and a much lower cost-of-living enables us to service the multilingual needs of our global client base very cost-effectively.


The business was founded by three already highly successful entrepreneurs and experienced professionals, who identified that by partnering the service philosophy that exists naturally within South Africans, with proven business technologies & experienced managers; they could produce very positive customer call-centre experiences within a very cost-effective environment.

From these early days, our energies have been focused on always providing Intelligent solutions to our client’s communication challenges, maintaining our core proposition of servicing clients to International service standards by providing management Information that is comprehensive, transparent and user-friendly.


In a world of relentless change, basic principles can often be swept aside by the immediate needs of today. One such principle lies at the heart of our philosophy: to build anything successfully you must have solid foundations. We also believe in doing things right and doing them once. These principles and along with the ability and capacity to take a long-term view is what sets us aside from our competitors locally and internationally. It is also what has lead us to the success we have achieved for our clients, our staff and our shareholders.

We are dedicated to helping our clients maximize the profitability of their customer relationships through solutions designed to reduce the cost of customer engagement whilst increasing the ROI of every customer interaction. We achieve this through flexible solutions facilitating customer engagement across multiple languages, regions, industries and through various communication channels.